Political science questions

•    Answer three of the following four questions as thoroughly as possible.
•    Put down the question number; do not copy the questions;
•    The answers should be coherent, well organized, and complete; and they should be typed, double-spaced, and proofed;
•    Use Times New Roman Font 12, and have one inch margin on all sides;
•    Use APA for citations and references if you cite the textbooks and/or other sources;
•    Review the Evaluation Rubrics.

Question 1 (10 points):
John Kingdon tries to answer the question why some policy agenda items and alternatives are prominent and others are neglected in his Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies.
1.    What is your answer to this question? (one page, 5 points)
2.    Use examples from student oral testimonies to illustrate your answers. (one page, 5 points)

Question 2 (10 points):
Deborah Stone introduces two policy making models, the market and the polis, in her Policy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision Making.
1.    Describe three major features of each model, and identify two major strengths and two major weaknesses of each model; (one page, 5 points)
2.    Use examples from student oral testimonies to illustrate your answers. (one page, 5 points)

Question 3 (10 points):
1.    What are the two major similarities and two major differences in the definitions of public policy by Kingdon and Stone? (one page, 5 points)
2.    How would their definitions make you look at public policy in different ways? (one page, 5 points)

Question 4 (10 points):
Thomas Birkland mentions two models of policy implementation, “top-down” and “bottom-up,” in his chapter on policy implementation.
1.    Describe the two models and explain when each model is more appropriate; (one page, 5 points)
2.    Use examples from student oral testimonies to illustrate your answers. (one page, 5 points)

IT project portfolio

Final Exam Questions
•    Read carefully the “Supporting Scaling Agile with Portfolio Management: Case PAF.com” for questions 1 & 2
•    Write answers to the following questions 1 and 2 in your own words labeling each answer as directed in the question.
•    Your submission covering all your answers should ideally be 4-6 pages in length (12 point font, double line spaced)

1.    In the case study paf.com has already converted to the agile methodology but has problems that it is hoping that PPM can either solve or alleviate.  Starting with the most severe
1.a. describe that most severe problem
1.b. describe the second most severe problem.

2.    Describe in your own words how paf.com is using the “lean philosophy” is solving the problems you described in 1a and 1b using events in the case study,

3.    Name of your company team and the total amount of company investment funds available and the total amount of VC (Venture Capital) funds wanted and total amount received,
Then, describe in detail how you made or planned to make your industries and markets (parts of the world) attractive to VCs.  Please mention how you contrasted your industries and markets to VC’s comparing yours to those represented by the other company teams.  Please end your answer with your evaluation on how successful your efforts on marketing your industries and markets.

4.    Describe in your own words the measures your company took or planned to take to convince VCs that your proposed projects did not have an unreasonably high level of risk.

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Database programming

 1. Discuss the importance of data models.
 2. What is a business rule, and what is its purpose in data modeling?  
  3. What languages emerged to standardize the basic network data model, and why was such standardization important to users and designers?
   4. Describe the basic features of the relational data model and discuss their importance to the end user and the designer.
  5. Explain how the entity-relationship (ER) model helped produce a more structured relational database design environment.
   6.Consider the scenario described by the statement “A customer can make many payments, but each payment is made by only one customer.” Use this scenario as the basis for an entity relationship diagram (ERD) representation.   
 7. Why is an object said to have greater semantic content than an entity?     
   8. What is the difference between an object and a class in the object-oriented data model (OODM)?
    9. How would you model Question 7 with an OODM? (Use Figure 2.4 as your guide.)
10. Describe the relationships (identify the business rules) depicted in the Crow’s Foot ERD shown in Figure P2.13.


Marketing Research Questions

1. Explain the notions of mathematical differences, managerial important differences, and statistical significance. Can results be statistically significant and yet lack managerial importance. Explain your
2. Describe the steps in the procedure for testing hypotheses. Discuss the difference between a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis.
3. What purpose does a scatter diagram serve?
4. The following ANOVA summary data are the result of a regression with sales per year (dependent variable)as a function of promotion expenditures per year (independent variable) for a toy company.
F = MSA = 34,276
MSE 4,721
The degrees of freedom are 1 for the numerator and 19 for the denominator. Is the relationship statistically significant at " = .05? Comment on your answer.

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Evolution Study questions

1.    Prior to Darwin, Western tradition held that species originated through Special Creation some six thousand years ago. In addition to Darwin’s personal observations supporting natural selection and his evidence for the geographic clustering of apparently related organisms, other lines of evidence that support an evolutionary model for origins, and explain why conflict with Special Creation (5 pts).
2.    Darwin’s postulates about the nature of natural selection are given on p. 77 of your text. Concisely summarize how modern research on Galapagos finch populations has produced evidence for each of the four postulates occurring in a natural population (5 pts).
3.    Both Lamarck and Darwin would probably argue that the long, sticky tongue of the anteater evolved as an adaptation for more efficient food gathering. Describe in detail how you suspect that Lamarck’s and Darwin’s explanations of the mechanism which account for this anteater adaptation would differ (5 pts).
4.    Draw a simple phylogeny showing the relatedness among the following vertebrates:

Baboon        Sparrow    Fruit Bat    Herring

Map the following three onto your phylogeny:

Ability to fly    Presence of Gills    Lactation (milk production)
Only one of the traits is a synapomorphy. Which trait is it and what two characteristics make the trait a synapomorphy? (5 pts)
5.    Find an example from some media source (the internet, newspaper, etc.) that depicts a misrepresentation or distortion of modern evolutionary theory. Then write a summary that explains and corrects the misconception. Please ATTACH a copy of your source (5 pts).

Network security monitoring


1. In the network diagram above, select one of the letters as the location to place your only IDS sensor. Explain why it is better than the other 3 locations.
Create a snort rule to detect the word monkey in ICMP packets leaving your home network of
2. Your colleague was asked to write a snort rule to detect connections over port 80 coming from the internal network and going to a specific external host ( His rule isn't work right. What is the problem? (Note: $HOME_NET is properly defined in this instance of snort.)
alert tcp $ 80 <­ $HOME_NET any (msg:"Port 80 connect to"; sid:1000002; rev:2;)
3.Your colleague was asked to write a snort rule to detect tcp traffic from the internet containing the word layoff. You aren't surprised when it doesn't work, because this is the second time he's asked you for help during this final. You take a look at the rule. Why doesn't it work?
alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET ­> $HOME_NET any (msg:"Layoff message detected!"; content: "|layoff|"; sid:1000003; rev:1;)
4. A new botnet named Honeyshark has emerged. You have been instructed to write a Snort rule to look for the command and control channel that uses IRC over port 6667, 6668, and 6670. Write a rule to detect Honeyshark command and control connections.
5. A new bit of malware called Honeymonkey has emerged. It is interesting in the fact it uses ICMP echo reply and DNS over UDP to transfer data. Messages always contain the hex DE AD BE EF regardless of protocols.
Create one or two rules that will specifically catch this information.
5. You suspect your coworker Andy is planning something nefarious. Another coworker suggests setting up IDS rules to monitor for key words to catch Andy's internet searches. What is the flaw in this plan?
6. After a particularly nasty distributed denial of service attack, all IT staff are invited to a conference call to discuss network changes. The security intern notes that he has captured all the IP address, MAC addresses, and port numbers from the attack. He suggest blocking the source MAC address as this would block the most attackers. You spit Mountain Dew all over your monitor and unmute your phone. What are you going to say?

Judicial Review and Administrative Bureaucracy

Answer the following questions.
APA format. 2-3 citations.
1. The APA & judicial review are a necessary part of the modern democracy. Discuss.
2. Over the last century, the administrative bureaucracy has grown dramatically in size & influence. Provide reasons for this growth.
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VW of America

Case: VW of America
Read the case and answer the following questions:
1.    What consequences did outsourcing to Perot Systems in 1992 have?
2.    At the beginning of the decade, what were the principal problems with the IT function?
3.    How did Matulovic ensure projects started to be delivered on time?
4.    Page 6 of the case identifies 3 investment types. Slide 9 “A system portfolio” of your class slides on “Project selection” show four basic priorities in projects. To which of the four priorities do the 3 investment types belong?
5.    The options presented via bullet points on page 8 of the case are typical of management decisions relating to IT expenditure. Finally which option was chosen?
6.    Do you think that the system used to prioritise IT expenditure used by VW of America is good or bad? Why? How would you improve it?

Buy American Requirements

Assignment 3: Buy American Requirements
Due Week 6 and worth 240 points
In order to complete this assignment, refer to the scenario from Assignment 1, as well as to the scenarios and readings from previous weeks.
Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:
1.Specify the main points of the Buy American Requirements in one page or less.
2.Determine the substantive means by which the Buy American Requirements would benefit both VectorCal and your new company. Provide a rationale for your response.
3.Analyze the fundamental ways in which the Buy American Requirements are contradictory to a capitalistic ethos, given that the U.S. government claims to promote competition, and the U.S. espouses a free market ideology (i.e., capitalism). Support your answer with two examples of such a contradiction.
4.Debate whether or not you believe that the exceptions to the Buy American Requirements set forth by the government are fair and advantageous to the US economy. Provide a rationale for your response.
5.Determine the key advantages and disadvantages of using the Buy American Requirements with the navigation system that both VectorCal and your company produce. Justify your response.
6.Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

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Company analysis

Tools and techniques for managing data

You have explored many options for managing data as well as its importance to the overall health of an organization in making well-informed decisions. Many organizations feel that they have to utilize powerful and expensive solutions, but there are also cheaper alternatives. For example, MS Excel can be a great tool to manage data and identify answers to any questions. Thus, whether your organization is big or small, all the tools need to be evaluated to determine the one that will work best, not only in managing the data but also in lowering the overall cost. Managing cost is important, as you do not want to implement a solution that will bankrupt the organization; that, in itself, is an ill-informed decision.Using the Internet, research tools and techniques of managing data.

Respond to the following:

What would be some of the mistakes or consequences of not investigating the costs associated with the organization’s information systems (data collection) choice? Besides going bankrupt, what other effects could it have on the organization? Could it lead to bad decision making? Explain.
What systems does your organization utilize, either as a whole or per department? Is this solution effective? Why or why not? Is there a solution that would be more effective? If not, explain why.
With the various solutions available today, which one do you think would work best for you? Meaning, which of these solutions (such as MS Excel or a decision-support system) would work best on the following criteria:
Ease of use
Interpretation of data
Sharing of data
Often, we think of business analytics as only for businesses. However, can any of these tools be used for personal decision making? Provide some examples of how you could utilize these tools.

Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

IT project management question

A large number of U.S.-based mergers over the past two decades have failed to achieve the forecasted business benefits of the merger. Develop an argument for why poor IT project management could contribute to this type of failure.

IT Project Management
With the current proliferation of technology, the success of a business is heavily influenced by the adoption of relevant and current technology. Data collection and management is also essential to the success of a merger and information technology plays a central role. However, acquiring inferior technology spells doom for the organization (Brown, 2012). Business merging and acquisition is a process and as such it should be properly managed. The success of any information technology process depends on how well it is managed. Therefore, poor management contributes to failure whereas proper management of the project stipulates success for the business.
Planning is critical to achieving forecasted goals and objectives of a company. Good information technology management is characterized by planning prior to implementation and execution of the proposed model

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Confidence Interval

All answers should be complete sentences. 

1.    When rolling a die, is this an example of a discrete or continuous random variable? Explain your reasoning.
2.    Calculate the mean and standard deviation of the probability distribution created by rolling a die. Either show work or explain how your answer was calculated.
Mean: ____________        Standard deviation: _________________
3.    Give the mean for the mean column of the Worksheet. Is this estimate centered about the parameter of interest (the parameter of interest is the answer for the mean in question 2)?
4.    Give the mean for the median column of the Worksheet. Is this estimate centered about the parameter of interest (the parameter of interest is the answer for the mean in question 2)?
5.    Give the standard deviation for the mean and median column. Compare these and be sure to identify which has the least variability?
6.    Based on questions 3, 4, and 5 is the mean or median a better estimate for the parameter of interest? Explain your reasoning.
7.    Give and interpret the 95% confidence interval for the hours of sleep a student gets.
8.    Give and interpret the 99% confidence interval for the hours of sleep a student gets.
9.    Compare the 95% and 99% confidence intervals for the hours of sleep a student gets. Explain the difference between these intervals and why this difference occurs.

IT project management

If you were a chief marketing officer, what metrics might you use to evaluate the performance of the IS organization in your company? What else might you use to evaluate the performance of the IS organization?

IT Project Management
The current global technology status requires an efficient information system department in every organization in order to guarantee the success of the firm. Organizations have evolved, and so have the approaches for evaluating organizational performance. The essence is to be informed about the procedure used for evaluation to determine ways to apply to handle competition (Brown, 2012). Theorists propose different models for evaluating the performance of an organization. The essence of this paper is to determine the most applicable measure to utilize in evaluating the performance of an organization in marketing.
The institutional and organizational assessment model (IOA) is an elaborate performance metric to adopt for reviewing the performance of a firm (Martz, 2013). The model is oriented to determining the relevance, effectiveness, financial viability, and efficiency of the organization

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Economic Development Questions

Economic Development Questions
1. Use the Lewis model to illustrate and explain how “easy development” takes place and why “easy development” may no longer be feasible. Explain why following the Lewis model may fail to lead to successful long term development.
2. Briefly explain how a micro-finance institution differs from a traditional commercial bank model. Why are micro-finance institutions especially important for women?
3. What sorts of polices might raise incomes and productivity within the urban informal sector? Why do Todaro and Smith warn that such strategies may be counterproductive?
4. Explain how international trade and trade policy helped South Korea transform itself from an underdeveloped country to a high income country in the space of a single generation.
 5. Discuss how Sen’s capabilities approach to understanding the meaning of development differs from simply focusing on average income levels.
6. Explain the meaning and significance of the demographic transition

7. Compare the population policies pursued in China and India.
8. What are the key characteristics of the urban informal sector? Should government actively promote the urban informal sector?
9. What is meant by human capital? Explain how economic analysis can be used to evaluate decisions to invest in education or training.
10. Discuss the problem of the AIDS epidemic in developing countries. What measures do you suggest to deal with this problem?

Criminal Law


What are some forms of corruption within criminal justice agencies and security organizations?

Cite the reference as per APA guidelines.


Check write up for grammar errors and run on sentences.

Read for clarity.

Criminal Law Essay
Before a case reaches the courts, there are several organizations that may get involved in corrupt practices. Among them are the police force, lawyers, and prosecutors. After the final verdict of the court, the prison system is expected to enforce the decision. Needless to say that corruption and injustice may arise in this final system. The links between these bodies constitute corruption within the justice system in the event that one or multiple elements that make up the system gets involved in criminal undertakings (Mann, 2011). The forms of corruption that apply in a criminal justice agency also trickle down to security organizations such as the police, border security, intelligence agencies and the military.
Low salaries, inadequate and poor training, lack of appreciation and rewards are major contributors to corruption

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Health Management

Questions on health management
1. Nick has been handed a project where he has to implement Online Gaming, requiring significant technological integration. What factors does he need to consider and manage for the project to be a success?
2. At CanGo, what do we need to consider for a good plan to implement technology?
3. What are the costs of the new systems that may be implemented? How do we justify their implementation at CanGo?
4. What are Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)?
5. The prospect of searching for a job can be very intimidating. What techniques have you used in the past when you were job hunting? Which ones were most effective? Least effective? What do you attribute their effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) to?
6. Research suggests that people who articulate their goals, either by telling someone else or writing them down, tend to be more likely to achieve them. Do you have short- and long-term SMART goals that are guiding your educational and career path planning? Please share one long-term SMART goal and two relevant short-term SMART goals related to your education or your career.
7. List 6 issues facing CanGo new gaming production and actionable recommendation for each of the issues found. These should also be numbered.
8. Explain controlling interest and target market issue for CanGo gaming production and a recommendation.

Lucent Technologies

1. Conduct a DuPont decomposition of Lucent's ROE for each quarter of 1998, 1999 and 2000 (December 1999 is fiscal year 2000’s first quarter). What factors contributed to the differences in Lucent's performance between those quarters? 
2. Evaluate the seasonally adjusted change (i.e., quarter i in year t to quarter i in year t-1) in Lucent's: Sales, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Gross Margin for the five quarterly periods: December 1998 through December 1999. Be sure to include an evaluation of the Footnote disclosures regarding Lucent's inventories in your examination. Does the explanation for the earnings shortfall provided by Lucent's managers make sense in light of your analysis? 
3. Based on your analysis:
a) When might you have determined that Lucent would be unable to maintain its streak of record earnings? 
b) Do you think the class-action lawsuits have merit?
c) Would you expect Lucent's earnings to 'recover' by the second quarter of 2000? 
d) What obstacles are there to Lucent’s recovery?

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Business and Economics

Over the last year your boss has noticed that it would be useful for your firm to understand how consumers behave when variables in the market change and how these changes affect the total revenue for your product. You have been asked to do an analysis for your product, Good A, by addressing the following questions and reporting the results to your boss in a formal paper.
  1. Define the price elasticity of demand? What information does it provide? How is it calculated?
  2. Define the income elasticity of demand? What information does it provide? How is it calculated?
  3. Define the cross-price elasticity of demand? What information does it provide? How is it calculated?
  4. What is total revenue? How is it calculated?
  5. Define elastic, inelastic, and unitary elasticity means. How are these related to total revenue? Explain your answers.
  6. With respect to the price elasticity of demand, construct a graph using the data in Figure1. Illustrate the ranges on the demand curve that indicate elastic, inelastic, and unitary elasticity. Explain your answers. Enter non-numerical responses in the same worksheet using textboxes.
  7. Calculate the total revenue for each level of demand and post into the table, Figure 1. (Copy and paste this table into the Microsoft Word document that will form part of your submission.)
  8. Using the midpoints formula presented in the textbook, calculate the price elasticity coefficient for each price level, starting with the coefficient for the $4 to $6 level. For each coefficient, indicate each type of elasticity: elastic demand, inelastic demand, or unitary demand. Post your answers into the table, Figure 1.
  9. Assume that the income of consumers changes by 10%, and as a result the quantity demanded for Good A changes by 8%. What is the income elasticity of demand for Good A? What does this mean for your company?
  10. Assume that the price of competing Good B decreases by 5% and as a result, the quantity demand for Good A decreases by 8%. What is the cross-price elasticity for your product? What type of goods are Good A and Good B?
Figure 1: The Demand Schedule for Barbeque Dinners

Quantity Demanded
Total Revenue
Elasticity Coefficient
Elastic or Inelastic
Prepare an analysis by answering the above-noted questions. Your analysis will consist of two documents as follows:
  1. Microsoft Word document: Questions 1-5, 7-10.
  2. Microsoft Excel worksheet: Question 6
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Computer Science

Describe a buffer overflow and the possible consequences of a buffer overflow occurring
A buffer overflow is a condition that occurs in any computer program when there is more input than the memory allocated for holding the data (Whitman & Mattord, 2003). The result is that another information is overwritten. Buffer overflow is a common technique used by attackers to exploit a system through crashing or inserting tailored code that enables them to control the system. Some possible consequences of a buffer overflow include data corruption, violations of memory access and termination of the program.
Explain what a cross-site scripting attack is and the goal of such an attack.
A cross-site scripting attack is a form of a security vulnerability for computer information systems where input provided by one user in a program is used as the output to another user. The attacks are implemented in web applications and thus known as XSS attacks. Script code is included in the HTML content of a browse that is displayed to the user. Some common scripts used to carry out the attack are JavaScript, Ajax, Flash, VBScript and ActiveX (Stamp, 2006). The goal of cross-site scripting attacks is to exploit the security checks in the browser and gain access to private and privileged information that may be sensitive and of high value belonging to another website.
Describe some of the basic steps that should be taken when hardening an operating system.
Hardening an operating system involves taking measures to make it more resistant and resilient to common attacks. According to the Australian Defense Signals Directorate implementing the top strategies reduces cyber intrusion by 70% (Dhillon, 2007). Some of the recommended basic steps for hardening an operating system include patching the system and its applications with auto-update capabilities. Such an approach makes the system resilient to common attacks. Secondly, patching third party applications. This ensures they are not targeting. Admin privileges should be restricted to only users who need them and are verified. Lastly, approved application should be whitelisted to unmask intrusions easily.
Describe the three overall classes of security controls and three categories of controls that can be included within each security class.
Security controls, countermeasures or safeguards are measures used to reduce risk to information systems. The controls are classified into three classes as either management, technical or operational controls. Management controls involve policies, guidelines, planning and standards applied by an organization in the selection of technical and operational controls to minimize risks (Stallings, Brown, Bauer & Howard, 2008).  Operational controls address the use and implementation of the standards and policies to ensure consistency. Lastly, technical controls imply the correct application of hardware and software to mitigate security threats.
Dhillon, G. (2007). Principles of information systems security. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
Stallings, W., Brown, L., Bauer, M., & Howard, M. (2008). Computer security. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall.
Stamp, M. (2006). Information security. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley-Interscience.

Whitman, M., & Mattord, H. (2003). Principles of information security. Boston, Mass.: Thomson Course Technology.

Art History

Art History Questions
1. Abstract Expressionism is one of the most male-dominated and mythologized art movements of the second half of the 20th century.  Your book includes Lee Krasner and Joan Mitchell.  Why do you think they are only now receiving critical attention and were not seen as important as their male peers at the time of their life?
The two main art critics that promoted the New York School were Clement Greenberg and Harold Rosenberg.  There are excerpts from Greenberg in your text.  Research the two critics and briefly summarize their perspectives on art.  How are they similar and how are they different?  (Points : 10)
2. What are the major distinguishing characteristics of post war European art?  Almost the entire chapter focuses on American and particularly New York artists.  Why do you think this change occurred and what important contributions did the European artists make? (Points : 10)
3. Geometric abstraction has been used by many artists in this chapter for different ends.  Weigh in on the importance of simplified geometry and how this form results in so many different contents. For instance, David Smith, Louise Nevelson, Donald Judd and Frank Stella all employed basic geometry as part of their artistic form with entirely separate ideologies and goals (Points : 10)
 4. New Media-  Post war America saw an explosion of  possible materials for art Making.  Dripped, paint, installations, theatrical performances, used tires, light, video, and the earth itself.  What do you think the single most radical use of materials was? and why?  Research the web and find an artist that is still living today who is using that material and relate them to the artist in the book. (Points : 10)
5. Gender and identity as subject in art becomes a major topic for many artists, even creating a term: feminist art.  This term became universally applied to any female artist that took on a subject related to subject matter of women, femininity, or gendered mediums like fabric and fiber.  Should we then consider art that has been made throughout history for men such as objectified female nudes, war and portraits of kings Masculinist art?  Interestingly, the book places Bourgeois, De Saint-Phalle, and Flack, all of whom make art that comments on gender and identity outside of the feminist label.  What happens to art when it is categorized as feminist? (Points : 10)

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