Topic: Structural Analysis, Design and Detailing

Topic: Structural Analysis, Design and Detailing

For your coursework, all the loads/actions applied on the structures that you are going to analyse and design depend on your uniqueness code (UC). Your Uniqueness Code (UC) is made up from the SUM of the third and sixth numbers of your student ID number and calculated as follows below.(Please make sure that you hand in this information with your coursework report):
Third number of your ID NO. = 3
Sixth number of your ID NO. = 3
Your Uniqueness Code (UC) = 6

4.2.2. Brief for Coursework Structural analysis, design and detailing
A client wishes to utilise an open area to construct a three storey building with the height of each storey of 3.6m. An architect has been appointed and has evolved the scheme which is sketched in Figure 1.

It has been assumed that the building floor between columns 1 and 5 adopts steel- concrete composite floor, which is supported by composite beam and steel column. However, the building floor between columns 5 and 6 uses in-situ casting concrete floor, which is supported by concrete beam and concrete column.
The characteristic variable action on both floors qk =1.0UC (kN/m2) (Note, use your UC value to calculate the variable action for your structural analysis + design).
All the steel beams and columns are in S275 and UKB section. The materials and further design information of the reinforced concrete slab, beam and column follow below:
 Concrete grade 35 (fck=35 N/mm2)
 Maximum aggregate size =20 mm
 Main steel reinforcement - high yield steel (fyk=500 N/mm2)
 Transverse links - high yield steel (fwyk=500 N/mm2)
 Diameter of main longitudinal steel () = 25mm
 Design tensile strength (fctm) = 3.5 N/mm2
 Assume 15% moment redistribution (i.e.  = 0.85).
 Architectural requirements limit the maximum overall beam depth to 800mm
 Maximum interior span/effective depth ratio should not be greater than 18.

As a structural engineer, you have been asked to carry out the structural analysis, design and detailing of this multi-storey building with the main tasks listed below:
Q1. Introduction to the problem and to structural grid. Explain the measures you have to take to improve the stability of the structure.
Q2. Estimate the sizes of all slabs, beams and columns, and carry out load calculations for one typical slab and beam. 
Q3. Carry out manual structural analysis to determine the effects of actions on one typical slab, beam and column.
Q4. Use the LUSAS to carry out structural analysis to determine the effects of actions on one
Q5. Design steel-concrete composite slab.
Q6. Design steel-concrete composite beam.
Q7. Design steel beam and column connection
Q8. Design continuous concrete beam.
Q9. Design concrete column.

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comprehensive archive and document management program

Paper Requirements

You have been hired by a government agency to develop a comprehensive archive and document management program for them. The organization has over 2000 employees and operates in over 20 different location across the country. Currently, the organization maintains it records using a paper-based record management system. In recent year, the amount of documents they store is getting bigger and bigger. This has led to the loss of valuable records and it is taking long for the staff to locate and retrieve records in a timely manner. The organization is considering upgrading their paper-based record management system to an electronic record management system but are not sure what to do.
They need your advice on how to improve their recordkeeping management system. At the end of your assignment period, you are required to produce a Report containing the following three sections:
1.    A proposed Archive Policy. The section should including the following:
o Mission statement 
o Roles and responsibilities of the agency and its employees. Focus on the public right to access records; protection of the records from both confidentiality and security perspective. The roles and responsibilities must be curried out under the Federal Law No (7) of 2008.
o Training requirements

o Draft of a Legal and ethical Policy that the organization can adopt. o Any other relevant policy elements as you see fit.
2. Digital Recordkeeping Strategy. The section should including the following:
o Recommend a digital recordkeeping strategy that you think would suit the organization. Justify your recommendation by showing the advantages of implementing the strategy you suggest.
o Discuss the possible disadvantages/challenges of implementing the suggested strategy.
3. Digital Record Management System. The section should including the following:
o Assuming that the organization would like to invest in a digital record keeping system; list and describe the basic components of a commercial digital record management system and archival program.

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Economics Reaction paper

Paper Instructions 

A reaction paper is written in response to the video lesson. It is recommended that you take notes during each video lesson. This will help you get the most out of each video lesson and make it easier to write your reaction papers.

Format (5 points)Each paper should be 650 – 900 words. The text should be typed using 12-point

font, double-spaced, and 1-inch margins. Minimum length: 650 words (around two

full pages of writing (i.e. not including title, your name, etc.)).

Content (30 points)


Provide a recap of the lesson’s topic.
How does the topic fit into your development and knowledge of finance and 


What key points were made by the speaker(s) or in the film?
Describe at least 3 key points—be specific!


Describe at least 3 new pieces of information that you learned.
Discuss your personal opinions about the topic and the
reason(s) for your opinions 

Writing (15 points)

Make sure to pay attention to the overall organization and paragraph structure of your essay. Usually, a well-organized essay will begin with an introductory paragraph, continue with at least three body paragraphs, and end with a concluding paragraph. There should be clear structure within each paragraph (i.e. thesis statement first, followed by supporting information, then concluding statement).
Check over your sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Your paper must be in your own words—plagiarism will not be accepted. If you quote a speaker or dialogue from a film, be sure to put the words in quotes to distinguish from your own writing.

AT & T


Each student will do an independent research project 20-30 typewritten pages with a detailed bibliography on the following topic:

Forecast where the revenue, earnings, and stock price of a S&P 500 firm will be 5 years from now.

Based this on the following criteria:

1) Market environment

2) Competitive strengths and weaknesses

3) Financial statements

4) Management and labor relations

5) Regulations and litigation issues

6) Domestic and foreign macro issues

7) Other issues pertinent to the business

you may cite graphs and metrics. Also i have attached the outline you wrote in case if needed. This project is worth %60 of the total grade so please please do your best.

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Consumer Perception & Attitude Project (Emirates Airlines)

MKTG 342 Multinational Marketing

we are required to do a survey for Emirates Airlines then collect the results in a presentation. After that, we need the number of people that have been surveyed. we also need the statistics numbers on the slides. All the work should be based on the survey. The rest of the requirements are attached in the file.

Accounting Assignment

Paper Requirements

public sector organizations and effect of balance scorecard on the manage performance:
Public sector organizations in UAE.
Relationship between of balance scorecard on the manage performance in private and in public sector

Balance Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has been used as a management tool to provide senior executives with a periodic assessment and control of individual and departmental work toward the achievements of organizational strategies (Hannabarger, Buchman & Economy, 2007). The founding fathers of this crucial tool are Dr. David Norton and Dr. Robert Kaplan. This key tool has come to assist management with a concise overview of the general organizational progress toward a realization of the preset goals and objectives (Hannabarger, Buchman & Economy, 2007).
Ideal BSC is subdivided into sections where each plays a part in accomplishing the general success of a company (Alexander & Sinnett, 2005). These sections include company’s financials, learning and growth, customer perspectives and internal processes. Scorecard captures enough details that can enhance organizational performance in order to realize a strategy. This requires given sub-sections to have an outline of 6-9 measures aimed at improving performance (Alexander & Sinnett, 2005).
This paper aims to examine the use of BSC as a performance measurement and management tool in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Alexander & Sinnett, 2005). It identifies the relationship that exists between the use of BSC in both public and private sectors and the measurement of a progress and realization of firm’s strategies.
Design and approach
The approach that was utilized in this research included the following methods:
1.      Questionnaire: this included printed questions that were distributed among the key individuals in both private and public sectors to inquire their views. Afterwards, questionnaires were collected, analyzed and a conclusion was drawn (Byrd & Megginson, 2013).
2.      Interviews: this approach is time-consuming and tedious because it involves having a face-to-face interview with an individual. Therefore, only a few members from each firm were interviewed. The main reason why interviews are exhausting is the need for the follow-up interviews to clarify the results. However, this method is the most reliable and accurate (Byrd & Megginson, 2013).
Both the interviews and the questionnaires that were used in data collection produced the following findings:
1.      The use of BSC as a management tool in local governments and public institutions in UAE: the study revealed that the use of BSC and public awareness at the UAE local government institutions are quite high (Malone, 2004). The study also showed a disparity between the awareness and the use of BSC at the city and district councils. Generally, the study reveals that most of the public institutions have adopted and used BSC as their management tool (Malone, 2004). The table below presents a breakdown of the figures captured by given research.
2.      Factors that ensure successful implementation of the BSC: respondents from both sectors reported the two key factors that ensured efficient use of BSC and its achievement of a designated function in the organization. These factors include understanding of the BSC and its customization to fit in with the culture and work ethics of the firm analyzed.
3.      Manager’s perception of BSC as a management tool: the study showed that out of the 48 local government and public institutions surveyed less than a half of respondents either previously or currently uses the BSC to track the general progress of the company and check individual’s performance (Malone, 2004). With the rating scales of BSC ranging from 1-5 (5 meaning that the BSC is useful and 1 - useless), the responses of the interviewed individuals varied significantly. Responses collected from the private institutions were almost the same with the average BSC value of 3-4, which implied that the BSC is quite useful in realizing the strategies set by an organization. The table below presents a summary of responses from the public sector.
Most of the responses from the open-ended interviews include the following:
A.    BSC is a tool used to provide a clear focus and direction in terms of accountability hence used as a tool in measuring the achievement of certain set goals (public institutions) (Malone, 2004).
B.     BSC makes the job of senior management easier since it provides a set of concise information that can be used to measure organizational performance and track the general progress of the company. It creates a benchmark for the generation of progress reports to reflect the success achieved by an organization (private companies) (Malone, 2004).
Barriers toward the successful implementation of BSC: 81.3% percent of the respondents from the local and public institutions revealed that they have never used BSC before. The table below illustrates the distribution of responses.
Due to such results, it is paramount to understand the underlying reasons that have challenged the implementation of BSC. Most of the respondents from the public and private sectors highlighted the following as the main reasons:
1.      The use of alternative systems in place of BSC: most of the respondents indicated that their companies have already developed their customized BSC tools, which they use to track the general progress of an organization toward the realization of its strategies (Lawrie, 2004).
2.      The varied size of an organization: some of the respondents highlighted that since their organizations are small and young it could be one of the reasons as to why they did not implement BSC (Lawrie, 2004).
3.      The challenge of resource allocation: respondents argued that for a BSC to be successfully implemented it had to rely on other sub-systems in capturing the right information and data. This meant that BSC was bound to fail if the right systems were not in place to support organizational objectives through the collection of the required data (Daft & Marcic, 2014).
4.      Busy managers: most of the respondents also mentioned that the top management is always busy and thus, cannot find time to push through the role of BSC in their firms (Malone, 2004).
5.      Lack of support from the top management: in essence, BSC is a tool that is supposed to be used by the management to track the progress of the firm in terms of the realization of the outlined strategies. If top management fails to provide enough support to implement a BSC, it means that BSC will be useless for an organization (Meyer, 2002).
It is noteworthy to mention that the above responses came in an equal measure from both private and public sectors. A difference in the number of respondents was quite negligible with 67.75% from the public sector and 68.01% from the private sector respectively. This means that same challenges in both sectors prevent the BSC from realizing its full potential.
General insights into the topic
The research showed that integration of a BSC in both sectors (private and public) has a huge gap in between. From a sample of 40 private and 40 public institutions, the responses were as follows:
Sampled number
+ve of BSC
-ve of BSC
Private firm
26= 74.28%
Public firm

Based on the table above some of the key conclusions can be drawn:
1.      Integration of BSC is high in a private sector where it is ranked at 74.28% compared to 60.61% in the public sector accordingly.
2.      Advantages of BSC in any firm exceed its disadvantages. In private companies, its positive influence is rated at 74% against 25% (negative), while the public sector ranks it at 60% and 39% for positive and negative influence respectively.
3.      The number of respondents viewing BSC negativity is higher in the public sector with a figure of 39.39% as compared to 25.71% in the private sector.
Based on a given research and its insights, it is important to note that the key benefit of using BSC is its ability to track the progress of an organization in realizing its objectives (Daft & Marcic, 2014). Moreover, it makes the work of the top management easier because the tool can generate reports that can be analyzed within the minimum time possible. BSC helps every employee align his/her performance and behavior with company’s vison and strategies. Therefore, one of the recommendations for the firms is to adopt and exploit the tool on a daily basis since its advantages significantly outweigh its disadvantages. The role of BSC in improving and tracking the progress of a company in realizing its strategies cannot be underestimated (Sommerville, 2007). Success of the tool greatly depends on support from the top management. Hence, support from the managers is a must rather than a choice in order for an organization to enjoy the benefits of BSC.
Alexander, G., & Sinnett, W. (2005). Business performance management. Florham Park, NJ: Financial Executives Research Foundation.
Byrd, M., & Megginson, L. (2013). Small business management. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
Daft, R., & Marcic, D. (2014). Building management skills. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning.
Dooren, W., Bouckaert, G., & Halligan, J. (2010). Performance management in the public sector. New York, NY: Routledge.
Hannabarger, C., Buchman, R., & Economy, P. (2007). Balanced scorecard strategy for dummies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
Lawrie, G. (2004). Strategic performance management. Bradford, UK: Emerald Group Pub.
Malone, O. (2004). 101 leadership actions for performance management. Amherst, MA: HRD Press.
Meyer, M. (2002). Rethinking performance measurement. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
Sommerville, K. (2007). Hospitality employee management and supervision. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley.

Walker, S. (2012). Employee engagement and communication research. London, UK: Kogan Page.

Elasticities & Market Structure

Assignment Objectives

Primary Task: 600–800 words
Compare and contrast how production analysis is carried out and be able to evaluate production situations using economy of scale, elasticity and other analytic tools.

Demonstrate the ability to assess market structures ranging from pure competition to monopoly/monopsony

                                                       Elasticities and Market Structure

In economics, outsourcing is purchasing goods and services from an outside supplier that could have been provided in house. Most companies prefer outsourcing because it is an effective cost-saving strategy compared to producing the goods within the company. There are many factors considered when outsourcing namely production costs, regulations, major competitors and the transportation costs (McConnell & Brue, 2002). Auto Edge decided to outsource their products from a company in South Korea because its operations in the United States were not profitable. In addition, the production costs, regulations, increased competitors and supplier costs in America were not favorable. However, soon after taking the step, Auto Edge faced serious charges due to product quality and its market share dropped drastically. To improve its production crisis, an analysis using economies of scale, elasticity and market structure of both South Korea and the United States is important.

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