Economic Development Questions

Economic Development Questions
1. Use the Lewis model to illustrate and explain how “easy development” takes place and why “easy development” may no longer be feasible. Explain why following the Lewis model may fail to lead to successful long term development.
2. Briefly explain how a micro-finance institution differs from a traditional commercial bank model. Why are micro-finance institutions especially important for women?
3. What sorts of polices might raise incomes and productivity within the urban informal sector? Why do Todaro and Smith warn that such strategies may be counterproductive?
4. Explain how international trade and trade policy helped South Korea transform itself from an underdeveloped country to a high income country in the space of a single generation.
 5. Discuss how Sen’s capabilities approach to understanding the meaning of development differs from simply focusing on average income levels.
6. Explain the meaning and significance of the demographic transition

7. Compare the population policies pursued in China and India.
8. What are the key characteristics of the urban informal sector? Should government actively promote the urban informal sector?
9. What is meant by human capital? Explain how economic analysis can be used to evaluate decisions to invest in education or training.
10. Discuss the problem of the AIDS epidemic in developing countries. What measures do you suggest to deal with this problem?