IT project portfolio

Final Exam Questions
•    Read carefully the “Supporting Scaling Agile with Portfolio Management: Case” for questions 1 & 2
•    Write answers to the following questions 1 and 2 in your own words labeling each answer as directed in the question.
•    Your submission covering all your answers should ideally be 4-6 pages in length (12 point font, double line spaced)

1.    In the case study has already converted to the agile methodology but has problems that it is hoping that PPM can either solve or alleviate.  Starting with the most severe
1.a. describe that most severe problem
1.b. describe the second most severe problem.

2.    Describe in your own words how is using the “lean philosophy” is solving the problems you described in 1a and 1b using events in the case study,

3.    Name of your company team and the total amount of company investment funds available and the total amount of VC (Venture Capital) funds wanted and total amount received,
Then, describe in detail how you made or planned to make your industries and markets (parts of the world) attractive to VCs.  Please mention how you contrasted your industries and markets to VC’s comparing yours to those represented by the other company teams.  Please end your answer with your evaluation on how successful your efforts on marketing your industries and markets.

4.    Describe in your own words the measures your company took or planned to take to convince VCs that your proposed projects did not have an unreasonably high level of risk.

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