IT project management

If you were a chief marketing officer, what metrics might you use to evaluate the performance of the IS organization in your company? What else might you use to evaluate the performance of the IS organization?

IT Project Management
The current global technology status requires an efficient information system department in every organization in order to guarantee the success of the firm. Organizations have evolved, and so have the approaches for evaluating organizational performance. The essence is to be informed about the procedure used for evaluation to determine ways to apply to handle competition (Brown, 2012). Theorists propose different models for evaluating the performance of an organization. The essence of this paper is to determine the most applicable measure to utilize in evaluating the performance of an organization in marketing.
The institutional and organizational assessment model (IOA) is an elaborate performance metric to adopt for reviewing the performance of a firm (Martz, 2013). The model is oriented to determining the relevance, effectiveness, financial viability, and efficiency of the organization

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