IT project management question

A large number of U.S.-based mergers over the past two decades have failed to achieve the forecasted business benefits of the merger. Develop an argument for why poor IT project management could contribute to this type of failure.

IT Project Management
With the current proliferation of technology, the success of a business is heavily influenced by the adoption of relevant and current technology. Data collection and management is also essential to the success of a merger and information technology plays a central role. However, acquiring inferior technology spells doom for the organization (Brown, 2012). Business merging and acquisition is a process and as such it should be properly managed. The success of any information technology process depends on how well it is managed. Therefore, poor management contributes to failure whereas proper management of the project stipulates success for the business.
Planning is critical to achieving forecasted goals and objectives of a company. Good information technology management is characterized by planning prior to implementation and execution of the proposed model

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It will prove a very helpful blog for the IT student. But for me it is also quite beneficial. I use to know nothing about IT as it is not my field but this have a complete over view on that and it is very helpful too because IT is all about intelligence.