The writing process

The writing process
Writing as a work of art need mastery. It is through this mastering of the subject matter that a successful transition of thoughts and ideas have been successfully implemented in an informative manner. With different methods and approach existing in the writing of academic essays, one has to be keen to understand the subject and the audience. I am at liberty to say that a successful approach to the subject was adopted, one that informed not only the reader but also created room for personal growth and reflection as a writer. To discuss the chosen topic in its entirety, a critical review approach was applied to the current and existing research. Using this approach as a writing tool, existing loopholes in the topic area were quickly identifiable and led to the determination of the aims and objectives of the research.

Writing as a process is influenced by the ability of the writer to convey the message in an interactive manner, one that is not biased but objective. The comparison and contrast approach was adopted for theme development and synthesis that helped in augmenting a solid ground for the research. Using this approach the writing course was established and the aims of the research topic were admittedly achieved through a review methodology. There are certainly difficulties and challenges encountered in the research using this approach. The differing view of the articles examined posed the question of the credibility of who is right or wrong. However, since only peer-reviewed articles were used, credibility was not a concern. The issues not addressed in the studied materials posed a challenge in correlating the current challenges to the proposed topic and providing a coherent analysis


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Writing as a process is impacted by the writer's capacity to present the content in a participatory, nonbiased, and impartial manner. The comparison and contrast best spa massage center in Karachi technique was used for topic creation and synthesis, which aided in establishing a strong foundation for the study.

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