VW of America

Case: VW of America
Read the case and answer the following questions:
1.    What consequences did outsourcing to Perot Systems in 1992 have?
2.    At the beginning of the decade, what were the principal problems with the IT function?
3.    How did Matulovic ensure projects started to be delivered on time?
4.    Page 6 of the case identifies 3 investment types. Slide 9 “A system portfolio” of your class slides on “Project selection” show four basic priorities in projects. To which of the four priorities do the 3 investment types belong?
5.    The options presented via bullet points on page 8 of the case are typical of management decisions relating to IT expenditure. Finally which option was chosen?
6.    Do you think that the system used to prioritise IT expenditure used by VW of America is good or bad? Why? How would you improve it?