Work Analysis and Design

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1. Recently, Microsoft announced a technology, called “HoloLens.” Please learn what kind of technology it is through your own survey of relevant materials (e.g., Microsoft’s official announcement and media press). Using the theories, methodologies, discussion we had in our classroom (henceforth, called “HF knowledge”), including but not limited to usability testing, heuristic evaluation, Robert Wright’s four logical phases, provide your opinion whether this particular technology will be a mainstream market product or not (e.g., Google Glass failed to become a mainstream market product at least for now). Obviously, you cannot discuss all the HF knowledge, so use only relevant HF knowledge. Underscore key phrases representing HF knowledge (e.g., “According to the Feedback principle of heuristic evaluation, […]”). (30 points) 
2. A student journalist of Purdue Exponent would like to learn how influential Purdue Exponent is on Purdue undergraduate students’ daily lives. Since she has no experience in survey design, she asked you to design a survey questionnaire with only 5 questions. Design a survey of 5 questions for her and explain to her the potential problems or weaknesses of your questionnaire if it has any. (20 points)
3. Please visit the City of Lafayette website and conduct a condensed version of heuristic evaluation (HE). It is “condensed” simply because you are the only expert evaluator for this HE. Report at least 10 problems in the tabular form with your own severity rating. In addition to the HE report, write an email to Mr. Tony Roswarski, the Mayor of City of Lafayette, to suggest three most important changes that should be made for the website. (30 points)


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