Are cellular phones dangerous to our society?

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Are cellular phones dangerous to our society?
Cellular phones, also commonly known as mobile phones offer a variety of merits to the society. However, there are certain challenges associated with these devices that pose a danger to individuals and the society. Radio frequency energy is emitted by cellphones and is absorbed by the tissues close to the phone (Kovach). Therefore, there has been an alarming increase to the causes of cancer associated with the use of cellular phones. Depending on the technology of the device, the radiofrequency emission levels vary. The variance in the levels of emission is also affected by the distance between the antennae of the phone and the user (Benson et al.). Other factors affecting the emission include the type of use and the distance of the user from the cell phone tower. Despite the alarming association of cell phones as a causative agent of cancer, studies indicate otherwise. The studies indicate a lack of consistency in the link between the use of cell phones cancer of the nerves, brains or any tissue infection around the neck or head.
The lack of scientific and statistical evidence to link the use of cell phones to causes of cancer is evidence that they are harmless. The main reason for the increased concern that wireless phones may lead to increased cancer infection is from the emission of radio waves (Kovach). This fact overlooks other causative agents that impose the same threat to the society. In the case of cellular phones, the rapid increase in these devices is a primary reason for this concern. However, mobile phones increase has been met with changes in the production and distribution of the phones. International production standards have been implemented reducing the dangers posed by cellular phones to the society. Hence, they are not dangerous gadgets.

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