Will the Internet bring people of the world closer together?

Will the Internet bring people of the world closer together?
There are a variety of merits and demerits associated with the internet. Being one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, there has been numerous debates regarding the effectiveness of the internet to connect people (Debate.org). However, statistics do not lie as nowadays people communicate instantly through the click of a button. In addition to communicating effectively, buying and selling is effectively done online as well as playing games and interacting. There are different and numerous programs that enhance interaction and exchange of messages instantly online. Access to libraries and resources is enabled through the internet and it is evident that it has modulated the world into a global village.
People from different places of the world virtually communicate with each other using online platforms such as Facebook and Skype. The virtual representations brings the people together so that they can interact and share ideas. Businesses are well known to take advantage of the internet growth through the formulation of secure video conferencing chat rooms that are used for discussing business opportunities (Debate.org). The tactic is essentially effective with multinational companies with offices around the world. Keeping in touch with family and friends is also enhanced to a great extent by the use of the internet. The availability of social platforms makes the dissemination of information vivid and instant. Therefore, social events can be advertised and supported through the internet bringing people together.
In conclusion, the internet brings people together. Unlike in the old days, modern lifestyle has seen families spread around the globe. Therefore, seeing family and friends often becomes a challenge. However, the internet has curbed the challenge through the provision of chatting software, email applications and social platforms enabling families and friends to constantly stay connected (Findscore.com). The opportunities are varied for both businesses and families cementing the fact that the internet brings people of the world together.

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