The sequence of events before, during and after the American civil war stating and the driving factors

The sequence of events before, during and after the American civil war stating and the driving factors
Prior to the occurrence of the civil war, the American economy was redundant and experienced little or no growth. However, despite the challenges presented by the war and the aftermath, the society was transformed drastically. In the early 19th century, and after the 1812 war, territorial and economic expansion were observed (Bhat). In addition to this, social, economic and political awareness increased. Democratic movements and politics extended, and evangelical revivalism, rise of reform movements in the labor sector, and the growth of cities increased. I addition to this; there was a radical change in the social setup and the roles of women and more in depth sickening sectional conflicts that brought the country to the verge of the civil. There were notable changes in the political arena. Party organization, nomination procedures and voting were characterized by numerous changes between 1820 and 1840 (Bhat). It was during this period that new political parties emerged in the United States with differences in support bases and principles. The religious, social and cultural factors influenced mostly different norms in the society. For example, the suppression of hard liquor drinking, establishment of public schools and rehabilitation of criminals. Slavery abolition was also proposed together with the extension of women rights.
In the 1850s, the divide between the north and the south widened. There were several factors that have been cited by different authors as constituting to the civil war. According to the documentation of the American history, the north and southern sides America developed along different lines. One became increasingly industrialized while the other held an agrarian economy (Hicks and Hubbart). Political cultures and social beliefs also differed, so were the state and federal rights and the tariffs and taxes imposed in the different regions. Slavery was a burning issue; one that led to the dissolution of the union. The increased dispute resulted in the secession, and the secession was the fueling factor of the civil war. During the war, the northern and western states united on a common goal of preserving the Union. On the other hand, the south fought for independence and the need to establish an independent confederation united in one constitution of the southern states. In addition to fighting against slavery, the economic differences between the north and the south also fueled the war (Hicks and Hubbart). It was not until the election of Abraham Lincoln that the civil war begun. With little military knowledge, Lincoln was accused of overreaching his authority by declaring the suppression of the south rebellion using troops.
The outcome of the civil war was characterized by the Thirteenth Amendment that emancipated all slaves in the US wherever they were. Despite the victory, the excitement was marred once Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The southern states were readmitted back to the union after a series of failed reconstruction to develop a new society. One of the developments of the war was the abolishment of slavery. However, this occurred at a cost since the war caused many lives than has ever been witnessed before in American history (Luraghi). Hatred and intolerance persisted for decades between the different sides in addition to the numerous billions lost. As a commemoration of the tragedy, numerous monuments emerged in the north and southern towns to serve as a historically remainder. 
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