Benefits of RFID Technology

Benefits of RFID Technology
Radio frequency technology is used for information transmission and reception without the use of wires (, 2014). Compared to other technologies, there are some merits associated with the use of this technology. One advantage is the vast application of the technology in electronic devices such as wireless telephones, radio and television. Active RFID has been proposed and adopted as the most efficient mode of tracking goods in transit using shipments. The ability of the technology to fully capture automated data and implement tags on the responders makes it an efficient store for product information.  The transmission from the tags is received by a remote radio frequency reader (, 2014). The technology is advantageous in that it does not require a direct line of site for the information reception on the reader.
In addition to the above advantages, the tags used can endure harsh conditions, and the transmission is effective due to the long range of coverage. When used in ports for example, information can be received concerning the cargo in transit. The database used is highly portable, and it makes it possible to track items, products, equipment and people in real-time. Compared to other modes of transmission such as barcodes, RFID technology can constantly update information as opposed to barcodes that store static information. The application of this technology in packaging of products enables tracking the state of the product after dispatch for sale. As a result, defective products can be recalled for replacement. The medical fraternity is also figuring ways of implementing the technology to alert on potential patient problems in an effort of curbing medical errors that lead to death. Another benefit in the implementing of RFID is the detection of counterfeit products (Journal, 2014). The drug and foods industry is the most affected by counterfeit goods and the application of RFID technology will drastically reduce this challenge. As opposed to the current packaging technology, RFID will reveal product description including warranty and consumer protection guarantee.

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