The history of Zombies

The history of zombies traces back to the African-American practices in Haiti in the eightieth century. The paper explores in detail the definition, the religious concept and implication on the term by the time and provides a comparison with modern concepts.  The representation of the zombie apocalypse as a religion is explored in detail and a comparison provided with the Christian representation. The two fields are compared comprehensively with a significance influence of the zombie given to the contemporary beliefs. . The current popular depiction of the term zombie is a representation of a deceased person whose mortality is revived and under the influence of a bokor or sorcerer. The use of toxic substances from puffer fish are used to induce the state of a zombie. However, the scientific approach is entirely based on science and can be reversed to achieve the initial state of the individual as opposed to the traditional approach where magic and sorcery are involved. According to some zombie scholars, there is a religious significance of people fascinated with zombies. Correlating the themes presented in literally works and movies concerning zombies, there is a close connection with biblical theology. However, the religious significance of this scenarios is not similar since the biblical perspective the individuals retained their souls and were not condemned. On the contrary they were more powerful such as in the case of the messiah. The disfiguring of the physical body does not only instill fear, but also is a site that every individual wishes never to encounter. The freedom and independence of the human race depends on the presence of their souls so they can control their actions and desires. Zombies in Vietnam would mean that the Vietnam jungle would seize to be a battle field and turn into a cannibalistic ground.