Does Chaucer's "The Miller's Tale" use humor? What kind of humor is it? Be specific, and explain whether you found the humor effective or not.

The Millers Tale
The prologue as used in the Millers tale is the kickoff stage of the humor. The prologue rhymes well with the tone that has been used in narrating the story. From my own opinion, this is effective in conveying the humorous setting of the story. Other than tis, the tone of the story depicts lack of sincerity and informs the user that the story is meant for entertaining purposes. The carpenter on a stupor and drunken mood jumpstarts the story by telling a funny story regarding the problems of a man and his wife. In regard to the overall story, the choice of character has been effectively used to enhance the experience of the reader. Using a drunk character is an effective way to dramatize and convey the story of humor. He warns the reader that the tale will be vulgar but continues on in order to upstage The Knights Tale.

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