comprehensive archive and document management program

Paper Requirements

You have been hired by a government agency to develop a comprehensive archive and document management program for them. The organization has over 2000 employees and operates in over 20 different location across the country. Currently, the organization maintains it records using a paper-based record management system. In recent year, the amount of documents they store is getting bigger and bigger. This has led to the loss of valuable records and it is taking long for the staff to locate and retrieve records in a timely manner. The organization is considering upgrading their paper-based record management system to an electronic record management system but are not sure what to do.
They need your advice on how to improve their recordkeeping management system. At the end of your assignment period, you are required to produce a Report containing the following three sections:
1.    A proposed Archive Policy. The section should including the following:
o Mission statement 
o Roles and responsibilities of the agency and its employees. Focus on the public right to access records; protection of the records from both confidentiality and security perspective. The roles and responsibilities must be curried out under the Federal Law No (7) of 2008.
o Training requirements

o Draft of a Legal and ethical Policy that the organization can adopt. o Any other relevant policy elements as you see fit.
2. Digital Recordkeeping Strategy. The section should including the following:
o Recommend a digital recordkeeping strategy that you think would suit the organization. Justify your recommendation by showing the advantages of implementing the strategy you suggest.
o Discuss the possible disadvantages/challenges of implementing the suggested strategy.
3. Digital Record Management System. The section should including the following:
o Assuming that the organization would like to invest in a digital record keeping system; list and describe the basic components of a commercial digital record management system and archival program.

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