Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis in HIT Planning

Description / paper instructions
Determining the (TCO) or total cost of ownership for a strategic information system investment is a critical part of the leaders' role in using technology in a transforming way. The Return on Investment Analysis depends upon reliable estimates of both the capital outlay and ongoing operational costs associated with the initiative over a period of time. This Assignment focuses on outlining both the capital and ongoing operational costs associated with a typical technology investment. You will outline the costs and, as importantly, the assumptions that you used in deriving these financial estimates.

To prepare:
Review the Pro Forma Explanation Material and HIT Program Pro Forma Template in the Learning Resources. (Attachment)

Write an APA style paper, addressing the following elements for the scenario that you chose in Week 3 (Telemedicine for Rural-Based Health Facility) (Attachment). This will also be the scenario used to complete your Final Project. For this Assignment, address the financial element of the project Charter used to plan the acquisition of an HIT solution for the setting of choice. The financial analysis has two parts:

Using the HIT Pro Forma Template provided in your Learning resources, complete the anticipated capital and operating costs of the HIT solution that you are proposing.

Justify the assumptions that you used in your proforma.

Note: Your Assignment should show effective application of triangulation of content and resources to show your conclusion and recommendations.

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