Domestic Violence In Maryland; What to do

Domestic violence in Maryland
Domestic violence is a vice that continues to be a nuisance to the society. It is characterized by a repetitive pattern of coercive behavior where one person maintains control over the other. In most cases, the partners involved in domestic violence are intimate, and the abuse may be emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual and to some extent physical. Despite the numerous efforts by the government, human rights movements and the justice system, the vice has not been fully uprooted in the society. Contrary to the beliefs of many who view civilization as a means to end such outdated and violent behavior, statistics indicate otherwise. It is a sad thing to realize that many lives have been lost in the name of domestic violence, and this article is meant to raise your awareness on domestic violence and how it has occurred in the state of Maryland.
Facts about domestic violence in Maryland
In the year, 2014 to 2015, 42 people lost their lives to domestic abuse. Statistics from the Maryland network against domestic violence further indicate that the abuse occurs on a daily basis. The vice affects the young and the old, low income and higher income earners and does not overlook gender as both men and women are prone to be victims. The Maryland police department indicated that about 28,000 people reported incidences of domestic violence in 2014. This is only a fraction of the cases reported and does not account for any projection of unreported cases. Furthermore, data from the judiciary indicates that the number of people filing for peace and protective orders is on the rise from 21,000 in 2003 to more than 26,000 in 2014.
What constitutes domestic violence in Maryland?
Crimes that occur between household members are termed as domestic abuse. The occurrence of one or more of the following crimes is regarded as domestic violence in Maryland. Assault, stalking, rape or sexual offenses, acts that may cause physical harm, kidnapping and home imprisonment and acts that instill fear. If you are undergoing any of these challenges, the court can offer a protective or peace order.
Protective orders
These are the solution to victims of domestic violence as they guarantee you peace and relief. The offender is issued the order by a judge to refrain from acting inhumanely against you once you file for a protective order. You are eligible to file for these orders against an abusive current or former spouse, relative, parents or caretakers and any person in an intimate relationship who is abusive. All you need is to fill the petition for a protective order.