Reasons the Us Entered Into WWI

Reasons Why the United States Entered WWI
President Woodrow Wilson initially maintained a neutral stand that made the United States to seize from war in 1914. Initially, the country only supported trade through the provision of material assistance to the allies. As of May 1915,128 United States citizens were killed after the Germans sunk a British an event that angered the US.  For this reason, the president requested the Congress to declare war on Germany on April, 1917. The aim of Germany was to starve the British until they surrendered and it sunk all the ships across the Atlantic that provided aid to the Britain to achieve this outcome. These events angered United State because it violated German pledge to suspend its submarine welfare in the Atlantic. This encouraged US to enter the war. After Zimmerman telegraph was intercepted by the British, the US realized that Germany was forming an alliance with Mexico against them. The entire US population was immensely mobilized to produce soldiers to the war and food supplies through planting extra vegetables. The whole economy was also channeled into the war to provide munitions and money to win the war.
Consequences of U.S participation in the war

The participation of US in the First World War came with consequences one being the growth of industries in America. This came about as the munitions had to be manufactured to support the war. This needed technology development that led to the growth of industries. The war also opened job opportunities to women and African-Americans. This was because able-bodied American men had gone to wars leaving women and African-Americans as the only options to work in Factories. The status of women changed and were given the right to vote following their commitment and strength they had shown in the war.