Global Health 101, Chapter 8 “Nutrition and Global Health”

Global Health 101, Chapter 8 “Nutrition and Global Health”  

1.    As Skolnik notes in Global Health 101, “Nutritional status depends on a number of factors”. Comment on “Determinants of Nutritional Status” and “Determinants of Nutritional Status: The UNICEF Framework” (pages 163-165). Identify one or more causes, underlying causes, and basic causes of nutritional status and/or malnutrition.  What are some of those factors, do you find this a valuable framework and why, or, how else might you identify and conceptualize factors related to food access and nutritional health?
2.    Identify one key nutritional need, it’s sources, and selected function, plus what happens when the body is deficient of this nutrient (Skolnik, pages 167 – 168 and pages 171-172).
3.    “…it will now be valuable to examine how those (nutritional) needs change from pregnancy, through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.  This will assist us in getting a better understanding of the nature of nutritional problems globally, the burden of disease related to nutrition and how this burden might be addressed” (Skolnik, pages 168 – 169).  Describe key elements of one of these OR describe nutritional needs across the life span (150 word minimum).
4.    “Some things really are more important than others, and the role of nutrition in health is one of them” (Skolnik, page 161). Write a minimum 150 word response (in paragraph form or bullet points) in which you provide 2 points of evidence to support the above quote, drawing on material from pages other than 161, and including one in–text citation
5.    Read the last section on policies and programs. Then, considering the chapter as a whole, discuss one difference between how food issues are covered in the textbook compared to“Stuffed and Starved”.
6. Global Health 101, Chapter 12:  “Noncommunicable Diseases”
“Noncommunicable diseases are of immense and growing importance worldwide” (Skolnik, page 279).
Read the chapter, then select one of the following and describe key features about the disease, drawing on different parts of the chapter in which that disease is discussed, and including one in-text citation.  Minimum 200 words.
Cardiovascular Disease
Tobacco Use
  7. Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle over the World’s Food System
Write a response to one of the two chapter readings from this book in paragraph form, 300 words or more.    Include one in-text citation along with your 5 points (a main point, example, quote, term and definition, impression of the content of the reading). OR develop and upload an image or other creative interpretation of the chapter, including a brief identification of main point of your image, a quote from the chapter, and description of the image.
8 .  1) Describe one global institution or policy i.e. World Bank, World Trade Organization, SAPS, NAFTA, TRIPS. Present your argument why or why not the policy or institution is valuable means for promoting global health or trade. Also include a counter argument.
2) Discuss the chapter you did not read in Stuffed and Starved.  Using the iceberg model, describe the issues being examined.  Present a counter perspective.
3)  Continue exploring your food item or another food item,  identifying social, economic, political, or environmental factors and impacts of the product.  Present a counter perspective related to your commentary.
4) Using your Persuasive Speech topic, give a first run at using the Iceberg Model as a way to examine the issues. For one of the features (event, patterns, structures, mental modes/ paradigm) present a counter perspective.
Which ever of the above questions are selected, you are to include one quote from the textbook, Stuffed and Starved, or any of the previous readings.  
(250 words)

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