Computer Science: Database programming

1. Discuss the importance of data models.  
2. What is a business rule, and what is its purpose in data modeling?
3. What languages emerged to standardize the basic network data model, and why was such standardization important to users and designers?
4. Describe the basic features of the relational data model and discuss their importance to the end user and the designer.
5. Explain how the entity-relationship (ER) model helped produce a more structured relational database design environment.
6. Consider the scenario described by the statement “A customer can make many payments, but each payment is made by only one customer.” Use this scenario as the basis for an entity relationship diagram (ERD) representation.
7. Why is an object said to have greater semantic content than an entity?
8. What is the difference between an object and a class in the object-oriented data model (OODM)?
9. How would you model Question 7 with an OODM? (Use Figure 2.4 as your guide.)

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