Promotion Strategy

Best Buy
Preparing a campaign is an essential process of creating product awareness. It is through proper and successful campaigns that a company curves its brand name and stays ahead of the competition. In a scenario where price is a major concern, and the firm cannot afford to lower its products prices due to production factors, a counter of reputation proves extremely important.  In the case of Best Buy, this process can be successfully achieved through the following steps.
Ø  Specifying the objectives of the campaign. In this step, the goals, organizational objectives and mission are properly stipulated to reduce any chances of confusion. It is through the specification of the goals that the prospect and anticipated questions are answered. The objectives and specification step ensures that customer needs are mapped in the features and content of the website
Ø  Planning and determining the best strategic approach to penetrating the market. In this step, the strategic goals and aim of the campaign are stipulated
Ø  Promotion and reaching the users and engaging them. There are various means of reaching prospective customers such as social network platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Myspace and twitter.  Email marketing, as well as use of offline methods such as promotional road shows, are also promotion means.
Ø  Partnering- a good promotional strategy should be involving and include partners. The appraisal is high, and leads are more generated in favor of the firm