Nationalism and of selfish ambition as causes of World War 1 and World War 2

Nationalism and of selfish ambition as causes of World War 1 and World War 2
The aftermath of the both World War 1 and world war two reveal a common factor of interest; nationalism and selfish ambition were the major fueling factors. At the end of the nineteenth century, Europe was in the age of imperialism. The belief of the nations was that territorial and economic superiority was the only way to guarantee their status quo and promote national development. As a result, countries such as Germany and Austria-Hungary were focused on gaining economic power by conquering the world. Leaders in these states were ambitious; self-ambitious to be specific. Since they had an influence in the direction and decision made by the state, they their personal desires influenced to a high degree the direction and stand taken by the country in foreign state acquisition. The idea of becoming a superpower was a stronghold that made their ideologies gain the support of the people.

Nationalism as a factor that led to world war one was unifying factor for Germany. However, this cannot be said to be true for countries such as Austria-Hungary. The different ethnic backgrounds of the people of Austria-Hungary led to division of the war. As a result, the empire saw the war as the perfect opportunity to regain from the division and expand its territories to the outer world. In the case of countries like Germany, the leaders used their influence on the people to encourage them to support the war. However, countries such as Britain and France used nationalism for the interest of the nation. This influenced the greed and lust of the leaders to propagate their ideas to the people. Influential leaders of the public were the major reasons that led to the war. This is based on their ability to influence the public and promote their desires.


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