Does God Exist?

The presence of God
The argument on the whether God exist an imperative that has been opposed and proposed from a different perspective. People have different opinions on the existence of a supreme being and the lack of one. The paper aims to provide a substantial and fundamental argument on the existence of a high deity. In achieving this accreditation, Aquinas five ways will be used to interpret and recount on the presence of God. To start with everything that exists has a cause for the existence. There is a variety of reasons that makes theism the most defensible argument.
From the motion perspective, we are presented with objects in motion. Scientifically, matter is comprised of different particles that are always in constant motion. A majority of things in motion are always in constant motion which implies that they were put in motion by something or someone. Since the things in motion cannot put themselves in motion, the implication is that there is a starter of the things in motion. Natural things such as the air, the water on the sea, the clouds are just some good examples of things in motion. There are other actions that arise being unpredictable such as earthquakes and lightening. Despite the quest and ability of the scientist to provide a rational argument regarding the occurrence of these motions, the truths lie in the fact that they are initiated. The initiator is either a supernatural being a being that has not been seen. From a believer’s perspective, he is the one who commands the extent to which the ocean can go, and holds the sun and the moon in their respective places in orbit. Evidently if such a being never existed, one who initiates and controls motions, the earth would be in chaos. A drastic or even slight change in the position of the sun would cause destruction upon the lives on earth, so is a wrong motion of the ocean inland. The power that holds such phenomenon together is evident in a super power and the presence of God.
Aquinas also recounts on the causation effect. A proposition that things in this world are produced. Argumentatively this is true as even the sole existence of human being is through production; People are reproduced. Things and people cannot reproduce themselves. As doings so means that they are prior in themselves. The beginning of time and the consequent beginning of the human race is an evidence based on the presence of an originator, a creator in himself. It is indicative that the current existence is produced by something else. An individual or force with the power of creating and bringing into being the current life and existence. There cannot be an infinite producing and reproduction with no start. As the current situation in human life depicts, we are children, reproductions of our parents. Tracing this chain brings to the root of the Supreme Being, who has the power to create and bring into being. Similarly, the one who holds the power to create also has the power and mandate to destroy. He is the proprietor of life and the consequent, nourisher, sustainer and has the power to end life. Therefore, by him and through him we live and find our being, and it is through him we are nourished in the mortal bodies. The one who creates cannot be created and as such he is the source of life, and he causes things to happen. The ability as seen was initiated by his power and this without doubt indicates the power of God and his inevitable presence.
The order of necessity is evidence of a supreme being who accounts for the contingent existence of things. Everything has value, and there is evidence of order in the world. Some people associated the presence of calamity and disaster with the lack of presence of God. However, the case is not true as the existence of God is depicted on the value of things in the world. The presence of the calamity does not mean the absence of God. He ensures that even in the face of disaster and natural calamity, the entire world is not sufficiently affected. There are also other things that always follow a stipulated order such as the rising and setting of the sun, the presence of time and the order of the universe. Things that are orderly always have a controller. The meaning behind this is that he who owns the world controls the peripherals prevalent within. The presence of God is presented in the order depicted in things. Things in the world cannot just be; therefore, they are contingent implying there is a necessary being behind their existence. The Supreme Being, he who brings things into being and provides an ordered manner of the existence of the things is God.
According to the argument provided by Aquinas five ways, things in the world have the purpose. The purpose of something is stipulated and outlined by the designer. Therefore, providing the notion of the world from an objective perspective, it is paramount to note that thing did not just come into being. There were a purpose and an aim for their coexistence. The world did not just crop up, and it was specially designed; not by an individual but a supreme being. Natural things have functions. The trees, the desert, the wild animals all have specific features as was the initial design of the creator. The availability of purpose for everything present in the world shows a well-calculated move, a well-stipulated design but the author himself. This is indicative that God undoubtedly exists.

Lastly is the view of perfection. From this standpoint, Aquinas presents the observation that in the world some things are better than others. It is evident that there exists a unique distinction of everything around the world. For example, there is no ocean or sea similar to any other, the rivers, lakes and mountains do not depict similarities in sizes and shapes. The existence of such differences and the perfection emulated in some properties of some materials follows a perfect being. Such a person or being does not exist among men as people are all ambiguous and have inherent shortcomings. Only a supreme being is unique and perfect. The perfection that has been passed from the perfect being into the design of his creation. The disparities in life and the fact that life at times seems unfair should not blind people of the perfections that are prevalent in life. There are challenges and problems in life, but that does not reduce the fact that God does not exist.