Sociology questions and answers
1.      Contemporary understandings of sociology typically define it as: select one
a.       The biological study of human societies
b.      The use of psychological approaches to understand society
c.       The systematic study of society and social structure
d.      A and B
e.       None of the above
2.      Which of the following individuals is not considered a classical sociologist
a.       B.F Skinner
b.      Emile Durkheim
c.       Max Weber
d.      Karl Max
3.      The sociological perspective which suggests that social sciences should replicate the natural sciences in their approach is described as:
a.       Interpretive
b.      Positivism
c.       Micro
d.      Systematic
e.       Post modern
4.      What types of educational institutions in Australia was sociology most likely to be found within during the 1970s and 1980s?
a.       older elite institutions
b.      technical colleges
c.       universities established in the 1960s
d.      private primary schools
e.       government high schools
5.      What is the crucial historical event that many sociologists argue is associated with the origin of democracy and nationalism?
a.       Spanish flu
b.      World war two
c.       Vietnam war
d.      French revolution
e.       Crusades of the holy land
6.      Which of the following is not a significant advantage of the micro perspective to sociological research?
a.       Understanding of day to day experiences
b.      Understanding of small groups and their use of language
c.       Understanding of a particular social situation
d.      Understanding of large scale social processes
e.       Understanding of the reproduction of culture
7.      What type of power did the classical sociologist max weber argue came to the fore with the advent of modernity?
a.       Charismatic
b.      Rational and bureaucratic
c.       Authoritarian
d.      Network sovereign
8.      Which of the following best characterizes globalization theories relating to indigenization and glocalization?
a.       Standardization, uniformity, inauthentic
b.      Cultural imperialism, Americanization, false consciousness
c.       Traditional. Primordial, unchanging
d.      Hybridity, specific, meaningful
9.      Samuel P. Huntington is associated with which of the following perspectives on globalization
a.       Cultural imperialism
b.      Clash of civilizations
c.       World systems theory
d.      McDonaldisation
10.  Which of the following classes is said by Karl Marx to be the exploited class in capitalist societies?
a.       Intelligentsia
b.      Proletariat (working class)
c.       Aristocracy
d.      Middle class
e.       Bourgeoisie (capitalists)
11.  Hegemony in contemporary societies  is best described as:
a.       Making profits by any means possible
b.      Disagreements and conflicts about core morals and beliefs in society
c.       Winning the consent of ‘the people’ to their own subordination
d.      Using direct coercion and the threat of violence to establish social order
e.       Creating an open and competitive economic marketplace
12.  As outlined in the social class lecture slides (with audio), R.W. Connell’s study of Adelaide newspapers revealed that:
a.       Blue-collar workers were generally over-represented
b.      White-collar workers were generally over-represented
c.       White-collar workers were mostly covered favorably
d.      Blue-collar workers were most covered favorably
e.       Both B and C
13.  Ideology as used in the lecture slide with audio on social class for this course is most accurately defined as:
a.       Values, beliefs and attitudes
b.      Left-wing propaganda
c.       Right-wing propaganda
d.      Biological drives
e.       Instinctual drives
14.  The theorist associated with the idea of cultural capital is:
a.       Max Weber
b.      Emile Durkheim
c.       Pierre Bourdieu
d.      Erving Goffman
15.  According to Erving Goffman, gender portrayals in media advertisements;
a.       Reflect myths about biological differences between the sexes
b.      Facilitate socialization on several levels
c.       Convey cultural beliefs of men and women in subtle ways
d.      B and C
e.       All the above
16.  The gender displays of Lady Ga Ga can be used to illustrate the point that gender is:
a.       A binary opposition similar to that in pre-industrial societies
b.      A symbolic construct with unchanging boundaries
c.       A social construct with increasingly flexible boundaries
d.      Determined forever by childhood socialization
e.       A myth propagated by women of high socio-economic status
17.  The theorist associated with the theory of hegemonic masculinity is:
a.       Max Weber
b.      Emile Durkheim
c.       R.W (Raewyn) Connell
d.      Pierre Bourdieu
18.  Ethnicity is of interest to sociologists because:
a.       Cultural traits are determined by biology
b.      Modern society is based on the ideal of cultural uniformity
c.       Genetic difference greatly influences social behavior
d.      B and C
e.       None of the above
19.  Multiculturalism as a government policy is best defined as:
a.       Appreciation of diversity of ethnic cultures and traditions within the nation
b.      Genocide of a people because of the color of their skin
c.       The integration of ethnic minorities into the dominant culture
d.      An inability to understand the validity of integrity of cultures other than one’s own
20.  The concept of ‘new racism’ is characterized by the idea that
a.       Affirmative action and targeted welfare policies are discriminatory
b.      Ethnic diversity and a sense of international citizenship should be promoted
c.       Biological and racial superiority of whites is inevitable
d.      The policy of multiculturalism should be supported


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