Accounting Principles

1. Assume that a nursing home balance sheet shows total assets of $20 million and total liabilities of $17 million. Can the fund balance be determined with any degree of certainty? Why or why not? If so, what is it?
2. On June 30, payroll of $10,000 was paid to the organization's employees. What accounts would probably be affected by the journal entry on that date? On July 5, it was noted that $2000 of labor was charged to the nursing department in error and should have been charged to radiology. Should the organization bother making a journal entry to correct the error? Why or why not?
3. Why is accounting important for health care organizations?
4. Is it appropriate for health care organizations to make a profit?
5. Is it reasonable to assume that the numbers reported on financial statements will be precisely accurate?
6.Why is there a strong focus on liquid assets?
7. Who can restrict the use of the organization's assets? Who can remove restrictions?

8. What is the difference between charity care and a bad debt?

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